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Created on 2017-04-09 03:25:16 (#2975708), last updated 2017-09-19 (1 day ago)

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Name:Paynesgrey's Fanfiction
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EDIT: This is a writing and art journal that may contain many genres and ratings of stories of questionable content and mature themes. Please be warned that some content is mature and not suitable for children. All stories are explicitly labeled. Thank you.

Hello, this is the fandom journal for the author known as Quirkyslayer (or Paynesgrey). In my rare spare time I like to indulge in fanfiction and fanart. Here are my current fandoms as of now:

* Arrow/The Flash
* Heroes
* Marvel Cinematic Universe
* Marvel Netflix
* Doctor Who
* Inuyasha
* Twilight
* True Blood
* Young Avengers
* Star Wars

I like pretty much all pairings and have an open mind about shipping just about everyone with anyone. I don't judge others if they like a different pairing than I do. It's all just about taste anyway. Spread the fandom love!

I am also working on my original novel right now, a couple actually, and sometimes my time might be split between fandom and original. I also have no time for fantards, flamers, trolls, plagairists, people who harrass for updates, or just general asshattery. Let's all play nice in the fandom sandbox!

Friending Policy: I friend everyone at this journal. Except sock puppets. Sorry, socks! And also, I DO NOT FRIEND RUSSIAN BOTS. Go away, bots.

If you want to know the more personal side to me, go to my personal journal paynesgrey.

Please visit my fanfiction archive at quirkysmuse

Please join the who_contest community!

Interests (124):

aang/katara, alternate pairings, alternate universe, angela petrelli, anime, arthur/gwen, arthur/merlin, avatar, azula, being human, canon, canon pairings, castle, claire bennet, claire/elle, claire/hiro, claire/peter, claire/sylar, crack pairings, crossovers, darcy/loki, doctor who, dollhouse, echo, eleven/amy, eleven/river, elle, elle/claire, elle/josef, eric/sookie, fanart, fandom, fanfiction, femmslash, finn/rachel, fringe, fruits basket, gals, ginny/draco, glee, gwen/lancelot, harry potter, harry/ginny, haruhi/tamaki, hermione/harry, heroes, hiro/claire, inuyasha, inuyasha/kagome, iron man, isaac/claire, janice rand, josef, josef/elle, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, kurt/blaine, kyouya/renge, legend of korra, logan/veronica, loki, loki/darcy, luna/ginny, luna/harry, mai, mai/zuko, manga, merlin, mick/josef, moonlight, niki sanders, niki/peter, nine/rose, ouran, paire, pepper potts, peter petrelli, peter/astrid, peter/claire, peter/elle, peter/emma, peter/hiro, peter/nathan, peter/sylar, queen's knight, rare fandoms, river song, ron/hermione, rory williams, sam merlotte, sam/sookie, sango/miroku, secret circle, slash, slayers, sookie/sam, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek tos, super gals, supernatural, sylar/claire, sylar/elle, ten/rose, the avengers, thor, thor/jane, thor/loki, tony/pepper, tower prep, tracy strauss, true blood, twilight, unnatural history, utena, vampire diaries, veronica mars, veronica/logan, weird pairings, writing, young avengers, zucest, zuko, zuko/azula
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