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Fandom: Arrow
Title: Dark Stranger
Chapter Title: Epilogue
Author: Paynesgrey
Characters/Pairings: Felicity Smoak, Slade Wilson, Oliver Queen; Felicity/Slade, Oliver/Felicity, and Oliver/Sara
Rating: M
Warnings/Spoilers: adult content, spoilers for "Heir to the Demon".

Summary: Felicity must make peace with Oliver's choice, even if it means turning her attention to a charming and mysterious stranger. Her attentions to someone else, however, do not go unnoticed. COMPLETE.

Other Links: AO3 | FFnet | Dreamwidth

The smell of maple syrup and eggs wafted through the air as Oliver woke that morning. He could feel the sunlight from Felicity’s spare bedroom warming his face, and he became extremely aware of his surroundings as he become more conscious to the new day. Birds sang outside the slightly open window, and a cool breeze filtered throughout the room.

He could get used to this.

Weeks had passed by since he and his team had left Slade on the island in his new fortified prison. He and Felicity had spoken about their feelings, and despite everything they’d been through, Oliver knew they still had much to explore about this slowly budding relationship.

He’d crossed the line already, kissing her and admitting his feelings. It was new to him, and as Starling City picked up the pieces from the aftermath of Slade’s tyranny, he was picking up his own pieces, rebuilding his family name and assets, and he knew he couldn’t have done it with Felicity and Diggle.

He and Felicity had been right, though, to agree to take things slow. Oliver still felt unsure about himself, or how good of a man he really was, and although Felicity believed in him, he wasn’t sure if he still believed in himself. Without her, he didn’t know what kind of man he would be.

He wondered if that was love because he admitted to never really knowing the concept before. He cared about people: Sara, Helena, McKenna, and Shado. He even believed he loved Laurel at one time, but all of that was so different, so shadowed and scarred compared to what he had now.

With Felicity there was light, and there was, apparently, eggs and pancakes too.

Shaking his deep thoughts from his mind, he sat up in the room he’d called his bedroom for two weeks. He really wanted to look into finding a place for himself, using some of that money he had restored to start a fresh home for himself, without his family’s past within the design.

Yet he couldn’t escape Felicity’s hospitality, and though they were taking things slow, some nights, while watching her and talking to her, he didn’t want to. Sometimes things were too slow.

He rose from the bed, his bare feet hitting the wood flooring as he delighted in the coolness. He decided against putting on a shirt, but slipped on pajama bottoms and headed to the kitchen. He stopped, watching as Felicity buzzed around the kitchen, singing to a fun pop song she was streaming on her iPhone. She turned around toward the sink to wash something, and quickly, Oliver made his move.

He slid up behind her and put his arms around her waist. He inhaled the cherry scent of her shampoo and sighed. He kissed the tip of her ear. “Morning.” He felt her shudder in his arms, and then, she melted against him.

“Hey, you,” she said, and she turned into his embrace to face him. “Hungry?”

“Ever since I woke up to that smell,” he said, tilting his head. “Felicity.” Her cheeks pinked at his tone. “You don’t have to keep doing this for me. Plus, where are you getting all the money for this food? You don’t have a job either?” He stared at her, and he could only think she was committing online bank theft again.

She smirked at him. “Silly, I have freelance jobs. I told you.” She pulled from his embrace and began wrapping up breakfast, putting food on plates and getting coffee ready in red and blue mugs.

“Quit thinking all I do is steal from ATMs when I’m on the computer. I am rebuilding Team Arrow’s database you know,” she said, turning to meet his gaze. He rolled his eyes and pursed his lips.

“You’re still calling us that,” he said quietly.

“Yep,” she said, unashamed. “It fits, and I don’t care if you don’t like it.”

He walked around her kitchen island and followed her to the table, where she’d set them up two place settings. Oliver was already forking food before Felicity had put the plate in front of him. He savored the cheesy eggs and made a noise of appreciation. She smiled.

“I used to do this for my mom a lot. God knows she couldn’t cook,” Felicity said.

“She was lucky,” he said with a mouthful. “I have to get going soon,” he added, scarfing the rest of the breakfast. “There’s a place I’m going to purchase.” He met her curious eyes. “It’s perfect to rebuild our operations and build an expanded gym.”

“Do you need me to come?” she asked.

“Maybe. I do need you to, um… get together some paperwork for me,” he said, hoping his tone didn’t sound too suspicious.

Silence settled between them for a moment. “Oh,” she finally said. “Like...forgery or something?”

“No… not, well…” he said, taking another bite of pancake. “Maybe some tweaking.”

“Hrmm,” she said. “I suppose.” He met her playful eyes, and a small part of him wondered if they were egging him on, move things a little faster. She’d made him breakfast, let him stay at her place, and she’d been doing odd jobs for him, here and there, just to get them back their feet.

She was his best friend, but for Oliver that wasn’t enough. He couldn’t take it anymore. Felicity still had her awkwardness, but as long as he’d been here, they’d become so comfortable with each other. She’d braved flirting and teasing, and sometimes she was still blunt but didn’t mean it as her usual faux pas.

On one hand, he didn’t want to sabotage this wonderful relationship forming between them, and on the other, he hated not being able to really take her. He was scared, and yet, he couldn’t control how much he wanted her.

After eating his last pancake bite, he cleaned up his dishes and followed her back to the kitchen when they were both done. He helped her load dishes, put away containers and other food, and she handed him a towel to wipe the table while she wiped down the stove and counters.

Damn, this was domestic, he thought. He liked it. He liked being here, and he wondered if he should ever look for a new place. Would Felicity eventually kick him out?

He looked at the clock, and he had a few hours before he had a meeting with realtor for the new place. He had plenty of time to work out and do other errands, and she had time to create the documents he needed.

The rest of the morning looked open, and after the way he’d woken up to her, he didn’t want to let another moment between them go to waste.

Taking things slow be damned.

She sighed after closing the last cupboard, and he moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist again. He nuzzled against her hair and kissed her head.

“Oliver…” she said, and he was so grateful she never called him Ollie, that she didn’t even know Ollie like everyone else. Felicity was new and fresh, and she saw such a different, wonderful man in him that no one else would ever see. He worked to become that man that she saw of him. The closer he felt to her, the closer he felt to her ideal every day.

“Felicity, you are remarkable,” he said, and she laughed lightly.

“So you tell me,” she said. “What’s this about?” She turned into him, resting her hands on his chest. He leaned down immediately and kissed her, drawing her lips into his, searching out heat and tasting maple syrup and coffee on her tongue.

“Come to the bedroom,” he said, and she shivered in his arms again.

“But…” He hoped she wasn’t scared. When she didn’t resist, he pulled her with him, walking the path through her dining room and into her hallway toward the master bedroom. He’d been in her room only a few times, feeling engulfed by her scent. He pushed her through the doors as she walked backward, settling against the side of her bed.

Hands roaming over her clothes, and he continued to make love to her mouth, delighting in her soft sounds as she moaned and cooed within his lips. He felt her become braver, feeling her hands tug at his clothes, and when he couldn’t handle the pressure any longer, he pulled away and looked into her eyes. He need only see one look on her face before there was no turning back.

“I thought...are you?” She sighed as he kissed her again. She moaned again, and added, “Ready, are you ready? Are you sure, after Slade and I ---” He silenced her with an angry kiss.

“Yes, yes,” he said in a hiss, and he wanted to make her forget all about Slade. He wanted to erase the fears, the shame, and all the torment that man had created between them.

He watched as she began lifting at the soft white pajama shirt that she wore to cook his breakfast. He stopped her hands. “No.” And he pushed her arms to her side, pulling at her shit himself, undressing her. He watched her close her eyes to his every touch, and desire surged through him impatiently.

He kissed the soft bare skin of her shoulder, and she leaned back into the bed as he led her down. He hovered over her, finally dispelling her of her pants. He stared at her, and he wished he could see inside that head for a moment.

She broke the silence when she pulled at his pajama bottoms, drawing his underwear with them as well. He heard her intake of breath, and idle fingers trace over his scars. He climbed over her, finding her mouth again as she wrapped her bare legs around him, rubbing against his heat that threatened to explode.

They began to move, clinging desperately as moans became louder within the kiss. Moving an arm, he dipped fingers between her thighs, catching her surprise when he found the wetness. His breath felt heavy, and he trailed kisses on the length of her neck.

When a finger went inside, she clenched around his hand as he stroked. She thrashed in his grasp, and he delighted in her soft screams of his name.

“Oliver,” she whispered, and in a swift motion, he rolled her over on top of him, lifting her and filling her with him in one fell swoop. She cried as he pierced her, and then after a long exhale, she began to move, her free blonde tresses bouncing over her shoulders. He lifted his hand to her breasts, squeezing and playing as she moved onto him.

Felicity felt better than he’d ever imagined, with tight muscles that fit him like a perfect puzzle piece. He pistoned his hips with hers, watching the rapture on her face as she moved, drawing him in and out, pushing harder and seeking the rising peak.

She cried out loud, and he felt her spasm around him. It jolted him, and he released, sighing audibly as he saw her come down over him, limp like a noodle. She smiled as she bent to kiss him again, and he cupped a hand against the back of her head as he delved deeper. They moved, disentangling into a soft cuddle on her bed. She languidly traced her fingers over his chest again, creating invisible trails over his scars and around the descending taut muscles of his abdomen.

He met her smiling expression with light and gratitude shining her eyes.

If anything, he was the one who should be grateful for her. He still believed Felicity Smoak was too good for him; he was too damaged and his past was too dark, bringing nothing but chaos to the ones he loved.

But if he gave her up now, if he didn’t keep her close and only for himself, he feared losing her and losing the kind of person he was becoming because of her.

“I love you,” he said, and he’d meant it every time he’d said it. It was never a ruse, and it was never unsure.

“I love you too, Oliver Queen,” she said, and she snuggled closer in the crook of his arm as they rested lazily on her bed. The sun still seeped through the windows, warming their bodies and capturing them in a comfortable lull. He combed his fingers through her hair and kissed the top of her head.

“Can we stay here, like this? Do you really have to buy a building today?” she asked in a small whine. She moved slightly, pinning him with her naked body and chest. “I could make you stay.”

He grinned at her, still surprised the smiles came so easily when Felicity was around.

“I’d like to see you try,” he said, challenging her.

“You always underestimate me, Oliver Queen,” she said, and she crawled over him, straddling him once again. He rested his hands and arms by his ears, a move of submission as she slid over him, pulling his hardness inside her again like he was already home.

“Never,” he said, and he watched her move again, feeling the delicious desire pulsate all over his body again, heating his blood and stirring his loins to full attention. He grabbed her hips as she moved, spinning them so she was on her back. She gasped at the sudden movement, and he caught her breath with another searing kiss, one that he didn’t let go. Finding her again, they moved, and he moved fast, rocking her bed, pushing farther, reaching further and riding the next wild wave that had been too calm, too idle in all these past weeks.

Wrapping her legs and arms around him, he pushed them to the brink. She screamed loudly, and he found himself caught in the light and stars before his eyes as her soft, heady body made him break all over again.

Maybe Felicity was right. They could buy a building tomorrow, and they could put off rebuilding their efforts the next day while they concentrated on something they’d been avoiding for far too long: each other, and nothing and no one would get in the way of that now.

Felicity and Oliver could save Starling City another day. He had no doubt with Felicity by his side, they’d be ready for anything.



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